Landscape Photographer

Ed James

My name is Ed and I live in Aberystwyth. I first picked up a camera at the end of 2016 and instantly got hooked and have entirely self taught ever since. I see myself as predominantly a landscape photographer however I will photograph anything and enjoy the challenge and have done portraits and puppies as well as numerous cityscapes and a lot of street photography in Asia.

What initially started off as a hobby has turned into something far more rewarding for me. For me there is nothing more beneficial to my wellbeing than getting out there in the wilds of Wales. I am constantly drawn to North Wales which always turns into a mission as I don’t have a car and reliant on public transport but with a bit of planning and a very early start I will find myself at the foot of Snowdon or off the beaten track and ready to explore by 10am! And if I’m not up North then chances are I will be venturing South. I feel like my journey is only really beginning and I just know there are plenty more places to visit yet, want to come join me?!